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Letter from the Founder
“…civilizations are beginning to recognize that trees play a role in improving quality of life by contributing to natural beauty and providing an arena for recreational pursuits. But more importantly, trees play a very basic role in the complex ecological system. They clean air and water, which allows animals and humans to exist. Trees are key to maintaining human life on earth.”
- New York Times bestselling author Jared Diamond, in Collapse

Dear viewer:

Since the first humans emerged from the forest we have spread across open lands, created communities and thrived in every environment imaginable. Along the way, we learned to control our surroundings, exerting power over the land—and key here, were the naming of animals and plants. These are seen in cave drawings to the first religious scribes, thru to today’s Genome project.

We can all agree that we feel more comfortable in a land we understand…and today there is a website fueling that understanding and enlightenment: PlantMapper.com.

PlantMapper.com invites you on this wonderful journey, by offering the ability to learn about, map and name all the amazing trees and plants around us. Doing so, helps us regain mental control over our landscape…while allowing it to flourish; reconnecting us with the name of each tree to easily identify its growth habits and establish its basic requirements.

PlantMapper.com draws people in by allowing them to easily understand the plants on their property and in their surrounding neighborhoods. It is a tool to be used for mapping trees, inventorying tree characteristics and cataloging the conditions of each tree. It is a way to learn the name of each tree—and perhaps understand a little better the ways in which this tree can better the local environment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope you can pass along our website address (www.PlantMapper.com) to your local arboretum, golf course, shade tree commission, municipal landscape architect, park supervisor, or campus green representative.



PS – Lastly, I’m often asked if PlantMapper.com is a nonprofit…the answer is actually no. PlantMapper.com models some of our country’s early corporations; just like them, we were founded to solve societal needs. As such, PlantMapper.com is a tool owned by IT4Trees, a corporation. Furthermore, with “corporation” status we are able to create products which will fuel our research and development—and thereby providing value as a business, while we provide value to the community and environment.

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